Learner Licence

The Basic Handling Skills (BHS) Test is the First Step to Gaining Your Motorcycle Licence

We will provide you with one on one personalised training on a Pro Rider learner
bike to help you learn the skills to competently pass your BHS test

Whats the full process for getting my motorcycle learner license?
Which BHS option is the one for me?
Don't feel nervous about doing a BHS with us, it's FUN!!
Does Pro Rider provide a bike for the BHS?

BHS 1.5 HOURS $199
Some previous motorcycle riding experience
with motorcycle clutch and gears

BHS 2.5 HOURS $299
No previous motorcycle riding
experience necessary

All our BHS sessions are done One on One with the Instructor, there is no group training.
When you pass your BHS, you will receive a FREE Ride Forever 8 hour course voucher worth $300.

* Please note that you can do your BHS before you are 16. We will take your booking if you are 15 years, 9 months or older.

It is expected that you will have ridden a bicycle previously

The Basic Handling Skills test consists of four stages:

Basic turn and stop

Figure of eight and park

Linking figures of eight

Increased speed and emergency stop

Each stage is broken down into varying combinations of the following tasks:

Move off

Straight ride




BHS Video

One on One Training

Practice Time

BHS Test

BHS Certificate

Learner Licence

Once you have your BHS Certificate your next step is to pass your motorcycle theory questions at a Driver Licencing Agency.

Motorcycle Theory Test Questions

10 Motorcycle Road Code Questions

25 General Road Code Questions

Free Online Interactive Theory Test Questions

CBTA Flowchart - The Quickest Way To Get Your Full Licence

For more details on gaining a motorcycle licence NZTA website

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