If you have been on your Restricted Licence for a minimum of 9 months, you are able to sit your CBTA F assessment and then apply for your Full licence after a further 3 months

What does the CBTA F assessment involve?

The assessment is designed to ensure that you’re competent in a prescribed range of riding competencies.

The assessment is conducted with your CBTA assessor following you on a motorcycle. Your riding skills will be assessed throughout the entire duration of your ride.

How long does the CBTA F assessment take?

Your assessment ride takes 20 to 30 minutes. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of your riding skills in mostly higher speed zones.

Together with the Pre and Post Assessment briefing, you need to allow 60 minutes for your CBTA F.

What training do I need?

We highly recommend that you have One on One Personalised Coaching and/or attend a Ride Forever Silver training course before attempting the assessment ride. The Silver is designed to help riders as it focuses on the skills and competencies required to pass the CBTA F Assessment

What Will I Be Assessed on?


Head Checks


Following Distance






Short video tips on how to pass a CBTA F Assessment.

The CBTA F Process Explained.

Avoiding Hazards. 

We want to see you stay away from danger.


We want to see you use good observations.

Milo (whats that?)

We want to see you use good processes.


We want to see you control your bike well.

Questions and Answers

To prepare yourself in the best way possible, it is highly recommended that you have One to One personalised coaching and/or attend a Ride Forever training course before attempting the assessment ride. This is the quickest way to progress through your licence as it helps you develop the best riding practices right from the beginning! If you’re new to riding, this training will help prepare you for the assessment, ensuring you have the necessary skills to ride safely on our roads. For existing riders, this training will identify any errors in your riding style and help you correct them before you do your assessment.

Your assessment will take place regardless of the weather, as long as it is safe to do so.

Once you’ve passed your assessment you’ll be issued with a NZTA certificate. You’ll need to present this to a driver licensing agent e.g. AA, VTNZ to upgrade your licence once you have had your Restricted for a minimum of 12 months.

You must ride a LAMS approved motorcycle to be eligible to sit the assessment. Click here for LAMS bikes.

If you can’t find a time slot that works for you, please call the office so we can find a time that suits you.
Please Note : If you are gaining your licence using a non-standard process please contact us before making a booking.
Without the correct paperwork from NZTA you will not be allowed to take an assessment and your booking fee will be lost.

For more details on gaining a motorcycle licence NZTA website

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